Auto Accident Injuries/Whiplash Pain

Auto accidents, even ones with little visible damage to the vehicle, can result in significant injuries to the neck and spine. Symptoms may occur immediately, at the accident site. Even in the absence of immediate symptoms, many times the pain and other symptoms will worsen over the following days as inflammation increases.

If you are transported to the hospital emergency department, the physicians are most concerned only with serious life-threatening injuries or broken bones. If there are no life-threatening injuries or fractures, typically patients are referred to their medical doctors for management. Commonly, medical doctors will treat these types of injuries with dangerous pain medications that can cause significant side effects and which only mask the symptoms.

In our office, Dr. Large will fully evaluate your injuries and will craft a specific care plan for you to help decrease or eliminate your pain and to restore your proper function. Don’t wait any longer, call today to make your appointment!